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Transform Your Ideas into Automated Videos with AI

Generate High-Quality Videos Effortlessly for Social Media, Marketing, and More. Save hours of tedious work and generate videos in just four clicks.

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Achieve Success with Effortless Video Creation

Want to make it big on YouTube or TikTok without the hassle of creating videos yourself or showing your face? At Content Studio, we understand your desire to succeed without the usual stress. Our AI-powered platform helps you produce amazing, unique content effortlessly. Whether you're a creator looking to grow your audience, a marketer seeking engaging content, or a business owner wanting to boost your online presence, we’ve got the solution.


Choose your type of video

We have the latest viral niches selected just for you


Pick a language

We have a few to choose from


Select the perfect voice

Listen to them and select the one that goes best with your type of video


Creating a manual faceless video can take hours, with the hassle of switching between multiple apps. We simplify the process by offering an all-in-one solution. This way, you can produce great videos in less time, giving you more space to engage with your audience, focus on SEO, or simply enjoy your day.

Here’s how Content Studio can help you thrive

Effortless Creation
Generate high-quality short videos in minutes without any technical skills.
Diverse Themes
Choose from a variety of viral, faceless niches to match your style and audience.
Personalized Content
Enter a mini prompt to tailor the content specifically to your needs.
Voice Options
Choose from multiple voice options to give your videos a unique touch.
Monetization Ready
Create content that not only engages but also helps you monetize your platform effectively.
And much more...
Customize AI-generated scripts to fit your style, No video editing experience required
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Why Choose Content Studio?

Creating videos for YouTube or TikTok can be a daunting task. From researching viral niches to hours spent on editing, the process is time-consuming and exhausting.
Content Studio simplifies it all. We’ve handpicked the hottest viral niches, saving you from tedious research. Simply choose your favorite, and enjoy new additions every month.
Make your content accessible with multiple language options, and add a unique touch by selecting the perfect voice for your video.
Our streamlined process lets you edit with just a few touches or go straight to rendering, downloading, or scheduling with Metricool. Plus, direct publishing to YouTube and TikTok is coming soon.
Content Studio accelerates your video creation, allowing you to invest more time in personal growth, networking within your niche, or simply enjoying your hobbies.

Take a look at our videos!

History animated channels are breaking the algorithms. They are top-performance and get many channels monetized just by uploading shorts!

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Everyone loves a good life hack. Share your knowledge on lifestyle tips, fashion trends, and everyday hacks that make life easier and more enjoyable. Your channel could be the next big thing in lifestyle content.

Hero Video Preview

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We offer a variety of plans to suit your needs. Choose the one that fits you best. Each plan will provide a certain number of credits that you can use to create videos, the credits will be reset every month.

Payment frequency

* Short = 30 Credits & Long Format Video = 60 Credits** LF Video = Long Format Video** Queues are used to process, render and publish videos
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